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How to make pizza with ham and cherry tomatoes
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How to make pizza with ham and cherry tomatoes

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1.Wash the black rice, red japonica rice, and coarse grains and put them in a rice cooker to cook;


2.Cooked miscellaneous grains and rice are served to cool but set aside;

3.Mix miscellaneous grains and rice with an appropriate amount of water to squeeze the juice, and sieve once;


4.Prepare flour, yeast powder, organic linseed oil, and grain juice;


5.Mix flour with yeast powder and whole grain juice, and stir until there is no dry powder; the whole grain juice I made is slightly thicker than milk, so I used 220g whole grain juice;


6.Add an appropriate amount of organic linseed oil and continue to stir evenly;


7.Cover with plastic wrap and ferment in a warm place;


8.Observe that the dough is fermented to twice the size;


9.Sprinkle an appropriate amount of dry powder on the kneading mat, pull out the dough, and after spreading it with your hands, pull the edges to gather in the middle, turn it over and leave it for 15 minutes;

10.Slice the ham, brush an appropriate amount of organic linseed oil on the electric baking pan, and fry the sliced ​​ham until both sides are browned;


11.The fried ham is divided into four, the cherry tomatoes are washed and cut into half, and the mozzarella cheese is grated;


12.Open the dough and put it in a pizza pan, thin in the middle and thick around the edges; brush the pasta sauce on the dough, and sprinkle some basil and black pepper;


13.Sprinkle some mozzarella cheese, spread ham slices and cherry tomatoes;

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